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World of illumination is the world’s largest, drive-through light show. The must-see holiday attraction, which draws more than a half million cars in just six weeks, offers three unique theme park locations across two states, millions of lights synchronized to holiday tunes and new shows every year. And it’s only getting bigger.

That’s why the founders at World of Illumination turned to iConnect’s Tami Adelman to secure their corporate sponsorships and help their business grow. They trusted Tami to not only get them the funding they needed to help their expanding business succeed but also create new opportunities they didn’t know were possible.

With Tami on board, World of Illumination was able to partner with organizations that made money and made sense. The family-friendly and community-focused sponsors included the Phoenix Coyotes, Valley Toyota Dealers as well as numerous shops and restaurants.

With some creative thinking and strategic planning, Tami gave sponsors the chance to be part of giveaways, swag and the theme park experience. She also ensured World of Illumination would be able to pay it forward by donating proceeds of every ticket sold to Make-A-Wish® Arizona.

Tami Adelman didn’t just raise money, she raised awareness by pairing World of Illumination with organizations that provided an opportunity for it to become a more significant part of the community.


With more than 100,000 Jewish residents and counting, Phoenix has the ninth largest Jewish community in the United States. In fact, more than 700 students attend K-8 programs at Jewish day schools across the Valley. Surprisingly, however, the city does not currently offer a single Jewish high school.

That’s where The Oasis School comes into play.

An innovative Jewish community high school offering exceptional education alongside Jewish life, The Oasis School is a concept years in the making. But like all great startups, The Oasis School will need funding to become a reality. That’s why they turned to iConnect’s President and CEO, Tami Adelman.

Having worked previously with Tami in other fundraising ventures, The board members of the Oasis School trusted her to not only get the donations they need but also train their team for raising money in the future.

Within the first quarter, Tami already secured several donors, including those willing to match the endowments of others. And while this is just the beginning, with a projected opening date in sight, a location soon to be announced and Tami Adelman on their team, The Oasis School knows its in good hands.

THE City of Mesa

When the City of Mesa approached iConnect’s Tami Adelman, it needed help with not one but two large-scale events. The first was the Arizona Celebration of Freedom, an award-winning Independence Day Festival that, in a year without Covid, draws tens of thousands to the Mesa Convention Center and Amphitheater. The massive community event typically features live music on two stages, food trucks, vendors, a Revolutionary War reenactment, kids splash zone, and, of course, an epic fireworks display.

Needless to say, it’s an annual event that requires some serious funding.

But within just a few months of working with Tami Adelman, the City of Mesa has already reached its fundraising goal for the premiere summer event. It has even begun raising money for its other big-ticket attraction, Merry Main Street.

Merry Main Street has evolved from a one-weekend event to four weekends of festivities offering music, food trucks, lights, arts and crafts booths, a three-story holiday tree, and one of the East Valley’s most popular winter events, a 4,000+ square foot ice rink.

But more significant events require bigger budgets, which is why the City of Mesa is relying on Tami’s experience, connections, and creative thinking to make this year’s holiday event its most spectacular one yet.


This is fundraising on demand. At iConnect, we help organizations get the contributions they need to succeed.


Whether it’s individual donors or corporate sponsorships, we raise the money that makes it all happen.


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Our work speaks for itself, but our clients say it even better. See why nonprofits, for-profits and government entities choose iConnect for their fundraising needs.

After 17 years in the fundraising business, I can honestly say that Tami Adelman is in a league of her own when it comes to commitment and follow through for her clients. Tami is a voracious leader who sets a plan in motion and follows through to every detail. Like a dog chasing a bone, Tami does not stop until her fundraising goals have been achieved. I have told her many times that I would follow her into battle any day!

- Letita Frye, The Auctiontainer

The Oasis School (a new Jewish co-educational community high school in Scottsdale) is so incredibly fortunate to have retained the fundraising services of Tami Adelman of iConnect Fundraising and Consulting.  As a start-up, we did not require full-time fundraising professionals. Still, the depth of knowledge and strength of personal contacts Tami brings to the table, as well as her ability to train our Board of Directors, has elevated our fundraising efforts to a professional and productive level.

- Tobi Rifkind, Founder, Raquel Schnitzer, Founder

Tami is about action! She has a deep knowledge of non-profit and event fundraising that our staff has neither the time nor the skillset to undertake. She is not only managing the high pressure of immediate donor needs for large events but is also guiding us in streamlining our process organization-wide. We are very impressed with the expertise that Tami and iConnect offers. Without Tami’s expert involvement we would not be able to provide a number of tremendous free events for our community.

- Jessie Brodersen, City of Mesa

Tami is a pleasure to work with. She listens, understands our needs as donors, and works hard to produce winning strategies that have allowed us to reach and exceed our philanthropy goals. Her years of experience and personal relationships throughout the country make her an invaluable resource.

- A.F. - Individual Long-time Donors

When it comes to fundraising and building important strategic relationships,no one does it better than Tami. Period. Tami not only helped us develop and launch our brand partnership program but single handedly secured all of our year 1 activations resulting in high level additional revenue for our company helping to fuel our growth.

- Simon Kreisberger. Co-Founder, World of Illumination